6 de December de 2016


Whether you want to start and be part of this lash world, or if you just need an improvement of your skills, you can’t miss the opportunity to learn all the new techniques designed exclusively in our classes. You will have the opportunity to learn from not only from a top lash expert in the field, but also from someone who

has proven to be able to turn this skill into a successful business and cross international barriers to achieve success. Learn tricks and tips to make your business grow bigger and better!

All our classes come with a complete starter kit and updated booklet so that you will have all the knowledge about the technique and its application in a safe and healthy way. This booklet is a great reference and helps provide confidence in every step of the process.

Designed to provide the maximum value for each student, our classes are split into two days of training. The first day the students will learn all the technique concept and theory behind each step. On the second day the student will have the opportunity to put into practice all the knowledge acquired with the supervision of our trainer and a live model.

At the end of the class the student gets a printed certificate and a feedback letter from the company on their





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